Welcome to Diversity of genus Lasianthus Jack. (Rubiaceae) in Thailand

Lasianthus verticillatus (Lour.) Merr. a widely distributed in eastern and northeastern and can be found in Phu Kieo, Chaiyaphum province. Botanical characteristics include: branches pubescent to glabrescent, leaf blade leathery, elliptic to oblong shape and glabrous, Flower sessile, corolla villous outside and fruits dark blue when ripe (Zhu and Charlotte, 2011). The ripe fruits and seeds are eaten by our primates. Traditional it has been used as medical treatment and food in drought season at Phu Kieo Wildlife Sanctuary. Some species also have potential in medicine and ritualistic purposes.[1] 


  1. H. Zhu, A revision of the genus Lasianthus (Rubiaceae) from China, Systematics and Geography of Plants, pp. 63–110, 2002.
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