Lasianthus Jack. has a wide distribution occurring from tropical Asia (about 120 species) trough Australia (one species) to tropical Africa (about 20 species) and tropical America (2 species) (Robbrecht, 1988). In Thailand it distribute only in primary forest such as mixed deciduous forest, dry evergreen forest, hill evergreen forest and moist evergreen forest. Most species in Thailand were recorded by Craib on Kerr’s collections. (Zhu, 2001) reported a revision of genus Lasianthus Jack. from Thailand based on specimens in herbariums who concluded a result, 52 species, one subspecies and 12 varieties are recognized in Thailand.

L. verticillatus Natural habitats of  Lasianthus in Thailand are lowland forest to hill forest  from sea level to an altitude of approximately 50-1700 m and an endemic species and new species record of genus Lasianthus in Thailand.


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